Classic Theater Guild is proud to announce auditions for its production of the family holiday musical ‘Twas the Land of the Night Before, written by Bill Douglas and Steve Suriano.  This will mark the third time this musical has been performed in the Capital District and will be directed by Bill Douglas.


Tuesday, September 13 and Thursday, September 15
7 p.m.

(Callbacks will be Sunday, September 18, 2 p.m.)

Audition Location:
Schenectady Theater for Children
@ViaPort in Rotterdam
(formerly Rotterdam Square Mall – in the Macy’s wing)

There are multiple roles available for adults, teens, and youth.  Most roles are not gender or age specific (exceptions noted below).  Please prepare 16 bars of a Broadway show tune or similar standard.  Please bring sheet music for the accompanist.  There will also be readings from the script.

Production dates will be December 9 – 11 and 16 – 18.  The production will be performed at Proctor’s Theater – in the Fenimore Gallery.  Rehearsals will generally be Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday in several locations.

’Twas the Land of the Night Before is a heartwarming musical family comedy about an enchanting village where everyone enthusiastically prepares for the holiday morning – ALL the time.  Exchanging presents but never opening them, decorating and undecorating the tree, it’s all part of their simple and content daily life.  Until one day, when a likeable bumbling soul wanders into the town and promises everyone he can show them all about the holiday.
Along the way, Yule and his faithful sidekick Satchel, meet the various townsfolk including the Mayor, Toymaker, Ribbon Meister, a generous family, and Aristotle and Einstein, the town simpletons.  Everyone loves Yule (even when he keeps doing things all wrong) and is excited about the promises he brings, except for the Teacher, who wants things to stay just the way they are – she just doesn’t trust Yule, and what he is trying to do.


Yule — A good natured, if slightly incompetent, traveler. (Male Adult)

Satchel — Yule’s faithful, and somewhat savvier, sidekick. (Male or Female)

Teacher — Intelligent, guardian of village history, a pillar of the community.
(Female Adult – strong vocal)

Mayor — A person proud of his/her village, a person of many accents. (Male or Female; Adult or Teen)

Ribbon Meister — The most successful business person in town. (Male or Female)

Toymaker — Shopkeeper who is painfully shy.  (Male or Female – Adult or Teen)

Aristotle and Einstein – Well-meaning village simpletons, with occasional moments of intelligence. (Male Adults or Teens)

Mom (and ensemble singer) — Matriarch of typical village family.

Dad (and ensemble singer) — Patriarch of same family.

Mary -– Young daughter of Mom and Dad.

Little Yule and Little Satchel (and ensemble singers) — Our wanderer and sidekick as youngsters.

The Toys:
- Music Box — Watches over the toys in the shop – strong singing voice.
- Toy Soldier — One of the toys that comes to life. Strong singing voice required.
- Doll — Another toy that comes to life. Strong singing voice required.
- Teddy Bear — You guessed it. Toy, comes to life, can sing.

Teens – The oldest child of the family, the very wise friend, and the friend that doesn’t want to be left out.  Can be boys or girls.

Douglas – (and ensemble singer) Ribbon Meister’s accountant. Snappy dresser.

Brenda — (and ensemble singer) Youthful looking “beau” of Ribbon Meister.

Ensemble – Roles for adults, teens, and youth.  Many of the ensemble roles have dialogue.

Please direct any questions to:
Director Bill Douglas – bdouglas@timesunion.com(518) 573-0219
Producer Steve Suriano – sjsuriano@gmail.com(518) 441-8523